Manage Datastores

A Datastore acts as a centralized repository housing diverse data sources such as files, web pages, and Notion. Data uploaded to the Datastore is processed through vectorization to optimize it for utilization by an Agent (Large Language Model)


  • Create an Database Datasources

    Mark it as public so your data store is available to anyone on the internet.

  • Add Knowledge

    Create a datasource, it could be:

    • Web Site (Crawl all pages of a web site)
    • Google Drive™ (Talk to your Google Drive files)
    • Youtube (Paste a youtube video, playlist or channel and make it your source of knowlege)
    • Notion (Download a Notion notebook)
    • Q&A (Improve Answers with explicit Q&A pairs)
    • Text (Paste some text)
    • File (It can be: PDF, CSV, JSON, Text, PowerPoint, Word, Excel)
    • Web Page(Crawl text from a web page)