Quality of your agent's response

Raise the standard of your agents' responses

To improve the efficiency of your chatbot, it is essential to avoid content reproduction. Using duplicate information can harm your virtual assistant's performance. Always choose to add each information only once, regardless of the language used.

The quality of your chatbot's responses is directly linked to the quality of the data sources you provide. Chatsgo uses readable text to generate responses, so the materials you upload are guaranteed to contain clear and understandable text.

Use the “Improve” feature

To ensure excellence in responses, utilize the review feature available on our control panel. If a response hasn't been satisfactory, you can easily review and alter it, creating a more precise and effective dialogue with your customers.

Message suggestions

Message Suggestions

Provide message suggestions to guide users in the questions they can ask the virtual agent, offering a more intuitive and efficient experience.

Harness the power of GPT-4

Make the most of GPT-4 technology to provide more advanced and sophisticated responses. Although using this model may have a higher cost in terms of message credits, it ensures more accurate and contextually relevant responses. Don't hesitate to explore the potential of GPT-4 to enhance your chatbot's interaction with the audience.